Art at Home

Whether you’re supplementing your child’s public school education, full-on homeschooling, or just having fun on the weekends, there are so many great things you can teach your children about art- no matter how un-artistic you might feel.

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Art has fundamentals, just like every other subject. You can learn these fundamentals alongside your children/students using our art lesson plans. For the most part, the lessons can be completed in any order.

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend our Science Meets Art Drawing package:

  1. The Basic Lines and Shapes of Trees
  2. Drawing Leaves Using Symmetry
  3. Audubon’s Scientific Illustrations and Upside Down Drawing
  4. Creating Rhythm in Abstract Art with Fibonacci
  5. Atmospheric Perspective and the Science of Light
  6. Identifying Trees with Texture

A package with these lesson plans, plus the combined supply list and shopping list is also available!

Want to Explore our Catalog of Art Lessons?

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