Anyone Can Teach Art Podcast

We help you love teaching art so that you can give your children all the benefits of art and creativity in their education.


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Teaching art can feel overwhelming, but I’m confident that, no matter what your background is, YOU can teach art! In this weekly podcast, you’ll receive help with the details and the big picture of teaching art as my guests and I discuss topics like:

  • Fun art project ideas
  • What to teach in an art lesson and how to teach it
  • Where to buy art supplies, and what supplies I suggest
  • Scripts for explaining hard concepts to students
  • The Elements of Art and other art grammar
  • The Classical model of education
  • What it means to live a creative life

Our Latest Episodes:

Who are Deanna and Julie?

You’re lovely hosts!

  • Deanna is a speaker and teacher in Bible study and theology, currently in graduate school for theology. Her background is in engineering and she has a husband and two school-aged sons… and a life-long love of art.
  • Julie is an artist and art curriculum creator. She’s also a wife, homeschool mom of two boys, and a student of the classical model of education.

We’re sisters and best friends. Even though we live thousands of miles apart, we love to chat with each other about whatever’s on our mind. We love podcasting together and we hope you both enjoy listening and learn from Anyone Can Teach Art. Here we are, with our dad, at an art class we all took together!

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