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We help you love teaching art so that you can give your children all the benefits of art and creativity in their education.

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Teaching art can feel overwhelming, but I’m confident that, no matter what your background is, YOU can teach art! In this weekly podcast, you’ll receive help with the details and the big picture of teaching art as my guests and I discuss topics like:

  • Fun art project ideas
  • What to teach in an art lesson and how to teach it
  • Where to buy art supplies, and what supplies I suggest
  • Scripts for explaining hard concepts to students
  • The Elements of Art and other art grammar
  • The Classical model of education
  • What it means to live a creative life

Our Latest Episodes:

  • Audio Sample of the ACTA Book
    We’re working on an audio copy of my book, Anyone Can Teach Art. My first try at recording the first few chapters is now available here for you! OR, Listen on:  iTunes  |  Google Play  |  Stitcher  Help! I’m not sure how to listen to a podcast! Buy ebook on Amazon Buy a Print Copy Straight from Julie Abels (on Etsy) “Me? … Read more
  • All About Art Events- Podcast #66
    OR, Listen on:  iTunes  |  Google Play  |  Stitcher  Help! I’m not sure how to listen to a podcast! ‘Art Events’ is the umbrella term I’ve given to in-person events where we create art. This includes painting parties, art camps, and art classes.  We’ve talked about art events on the podcast before when we heard from Emily Magone in episode #48, where … Read more
  • Special Christmas Episode: the Incarnation of Christ- Podcast #65
    The birth and incarnation of Christ are often featured in great works of art- but what is the significance of the incarnation for Christians?  This week Julie and Deanna are wrapping up Season 3 of Anyone Can Teach Art with a special episode!  Instead of an art subject, today we’re talking about what the Incarnation … Read more
  • How to Pick out Art Supplies- Podcast #64
    Whether you’re buying yourself art supplies, picking out supplies for your classroom, or purchasing a gift for a fellow artist, here are some tips on how to pick which art supplies to purchase. Here are some of our favorite art supplies. A Method to the Madness Having a methodology for selecting art supplies will help … Read more
  • Art Projects for Making Gifts- Podcast #63
    We’re talking about fun art projects you can create as gifts for others. Tile Coasters Blog post about coasters: How to Make a Custom Coaster in 30 Minutes Blog post about Tracing: Tracing Is Amazing! I have A LOT to say about tracing. If you’re specifically looking instructions on how to trace using carbon paper … Read more
  • Why Study Vincent Van Gogh? Podcast #62
    Vincent van Gogh is one of the best-known artists of all time. He’s known for his unique style and strangely beautiful works and art, but also for his short, tragic life. Today we’re talking about van Gogh and what we love about his art. OR, Listen on:  iTunes  |  Google Play  |  Stitcher  Help! I’m not sure how to listen to … Read more
  • Why Study Berthe Morisot? Podcast #61
    Today we’re talking about one of the most famous female Impressionists: Berthe Morisot. Initially, she gave up on getting married and having kids so she could pursue her career as an artist. However, she later met a fellow artist who helped her keep painting while she married him and had a daughter. OR, Listen on:  iTunes  |  Google Play  |  Stitcher  … Read more
  • Why Study Claude Monet? Podcast #60
    Monet is probably the most famous Impressionist and he’s known for his beautiful depictions nature, particularly waterlilies. Join us as we chat about his life and his works of art. What Can We Learn from Monet? Practice, practice, practice! Monet painted the same subject over and over! Try plein-air painting! Be persistent in your craft. … Read more
  • Why Study Degas? – Podcast #59
    This unusual Impressionist didn’t enjoy plein-air painting (painting outside) or the airy natural light. Instead, he sketched and then returned to his studio to paint. He’s most famous for his paintings of ballet dancers, but he also painted everyday people in the city and action scenes from polo games! In fact, he was incredibly skilled … Read more
  • Why Study Gainsborough? Podcast #58
    Thomas Gainsborough ( 1727-1788) was a life-long painter who loved creating magnificent landscapes but found they didn’t sell well. Instead, he paid the bills with portraits until he started combining the two into unique portraits with idealistic landscapes in the background. This made him England’s most famous portrait painter and the King and Queen’s favorite … Read more
  • Why Study Rembrandt?- Podcast #57
    Rembrandt (1606-1669) was a famous Baroque artist from the Dutch Golden Age. He is most famous for painting portraits in the 1600s, but of course, his story goes much deeper than that! Early in life he hit it big and became the most popular portrait painter in that time and region. However, he then experienced … Read more
  • The Personal Renaissance Mindset- Part 2- Podcast #56
    We’re back for part 2 of The Personal Renaissance Mindset. This is where we talk about how to cultivate a family culture that encourages lifelong learning and creating! You can find the Personal Renaissance Mindset part 1 episode here! The “Personal Renaissance” mindset came out of a conversation Deanna had with her husband. They were … Read more
  • The Personal Renaissance Mindset- Part 1- Podcast #55
    We love telling all about our own personal renaissance activities each episode (the things we’re learning and creating)- But how can we foster this mindset of a lifelong love of learning in ourselves and in our children? We’ve thought up a few keys and wanted to share them with you! Elements of A Personal Renaissance … Read more
  • Drawing Texture and Tree Bark- Podcast #54
    Texture is one of the 7 Elements of Art and learning how to create it can really increase the sophistication level of your artwork! Join us as we discuss how to create texture and how this integrates with the science of tree identification! Why Learn about Texture? Texture is one of the 7 Elements of … Read more
  • Aerial Perspective and The Science of Light- Podcast #53
    Learn about how the science of light creates aerial perspective, one of the Methods of Perspective Things We Mention Aerial Perspective and the Science of Light- Art Lesson Plan #34 Drawing Depth- Perspective in Art part 1 #35 Drawing Depth- Perspective in Art part 2 #47 Museum Visits Austin Kleon’s new book, Keep Going Lee … Read more
  • Fibonacci and Abstract Art- Podcast #52
    This week, Deanna and Julie are talking about the Fibonacci number sequence and how it’s used in art! Around 1170, Leonardo Bonacci (now called Fibonacci) was born to a businessman in Pisa, Italy. Traveling with his father around the Mediterranean, Fibonacci learned about the Hindu/Arabic number system (which is what we use now). In Italy, … Read more
  • Audubon and The Birds of America- Podcast #51
    John James Audubon had a passion for birds and he loved exploring America and discovering the many unique species of the land. This podcast correlates to one of our lesson plans: Audubon’s Scientific Illustrations with Upside-Down Drawing- Lesson Plan. It’s available on its own or as part of our Science Meets Art Drawing Package. John … Read more
  • Balance, Symmetry, and Leaves- Podcast #50
    This week I’m talking about balance, symmetry and how they’re related to leaves! Deanna’s unavailable, so it’s a solo episode this week! What is Balance? What is Symmetry? Balance is one of the Principles of Design Principles of Design:  How to use the elements of art to make art (Emphasis, Movement, Rhythm, Contrast, Variety, Balance … Read more
  • The Basic Shapes of Trees- Podcast #49
    Basic drawing meets basic tree identification and makes for an awesome science and art integration!
  • How to Host Painting Parties with Emily Magone- Podcast #48
    Why not earn some extra money hosting painting parties this summer? As homeschoolers, our summers are usually a little bit more relaxed than the school year. That makes summer the perfect time to start a little business on the side! My friend Emily Magone is offering all her advice and experience about hosting painting parties … Read more
  • Tips for a Successful Museum Visit- Podcast #47
    As summer is approaching and you’re planning your vacations, we hope you’ll include a visit to a few art museums! Join us today as we discuss the benefits of visiting museums with your kids and how to prepare for a really fun trip to the museum! Listen on iTunes   |   Listen on Google Play   |  … Read more

Who are Deanna and Julie?

You’re lovely hosts!

  • Deanna is a speaker and teacher in Bible study and theology, currently in graduate school for theology. Her background is in engineering and she has a husband and two school-aged sons… and a life-long love of art.
  • Julie is an artist and art curriculum creator. She’s also a wife, homeschool mom of two boys, and a student of the classical model of education.

We’re sisters and best friends. Even though we live thousands of miles apart, we love to chat with each other about whatever’s on our mind. We love podcasting together and we hope you both enjoy listening and learn from Anyone Can Teach Art. Here we are, with our dad, at an art class we all took together!