Update: Cycle 3 Lesson Plans are now available! Check out what we’re doing for Rockwell, Moses, O’Keeffe, Wyeth, Lichtenstein, and Davis!

I’m so excited to begin the 3rd quarter of fine arts, when we get to study the Baroque, Classical and Romantic period artists. In my opinion, these are the best time periods. However, our study of these great artists does NOT come at the best time period of my year: January.

Honestly, there’s not much January would be a great month for. It’s a hard month after my favorite month (December). I’m usually crazy from eating sugar over the holidays and fighting the kids to get them back on track after weeks of exciting outdoor adventures with cousins… So, I know I need my homeschool plans pretty well nailed down ahead of time to make it through January. That leaves me with the choice of working on such things waaaay in advance or working on them during the Christmas holidays.

Last year I waited and tested all my third quarter art projects during that week between Christmas and New Years. Picture me, mixing Plaster of Paris over my mom’s kitchen counter while my sister does fun things in the other room… I’ll be honest, it was stressful and NOT what I wanted to be doing at that moment. Good thing my mom and sister took pity on me and helped me plan the projects!!!

So, THIS year, I’ve been (uncharacteristically) working pretty far in advance. Not only will this leave me blissfully free of planning while my family is in town, it also allows me to share with you! I took my plans and polished them up, photographed the processes and I’m making them all available to you! I’m hoping this saves your Christmas too!

Break It Down

This blog post will be the first in a seven-part series covering all six amazing artists that we’ll be studying. The posts will include some great information for you that I hope will be really helpful.  Each blog post will also explain some items I have for sale in conjunction with these artists:

  1. Drawing Facial Expressions Like Rembrandt
  2. Drawing Botanicals like Linnaeus
  3. Painting Landscapes Like Gainsborough
  4. Plein-Air Painting like Monet
  5. Capturing Action Like Degas
  6. Glob it on like Morisot

All of these resources will be available for sale in one giant Amazing Artists package! The Lesson plans will also be available for sale individually. If you’d like to see a Free sample of my art lesson plans, check out the “Symmetry Lesson Plan.

Lesson Plans for Emulating Each Artist

I had such good feedback about the Symmetry Lesson plan, that I’ve created lesson plans for 6 weeks of amazing artists. Each lesson plan includes:

  • A condensed background on the artist,
  • Printable pictures of the artists’ work (I’ve taken the time to find images available in the public domain, because honoring copyright is important!),
  • A carefully crafted sentence or two about the artist that’s ideal for memorization (see below for more info).
  • A few vocabulary words with simple definitions,
  • Materials list
  • Simple instructions that any artistically challenged teacher can understand and use,
  • Suggestions for scaling the project to different ages,
  • Any extras you might need,
  • References to some of the Classical Conversations Acts and Facts cards (available for purchase in the CC bookstore).

I’m really excited about these lesson plans. They should make 3rd quarter art a breeze for you! These PDF lesson plans are available for purchase individually or as a set. In the coming posts I’ll be showing you what the projects for each artist will look like.

Drawing humans in motion like Degas

Here are the Individual Lesson Plans I have for sale:

  1. Drawing Facial Expressions Like Rembrandt
  2. Drawing Botanicals like Linnaeus
  3. Painting Landscapes Like Gainsborough
  4. Plein-Air Painting like Monet
  5. Capturing Action Like Degas
  6. Glob it on like Morisot

Or you can buy all six lesson plans in the Amazing Artists Package

Grammar Sentences for Each Artist

As I mentioned in the list above, included in each lesson plan is a carefully crafted sentence or two about that artist that would be great for students to memorize. Classical Conversations inspired me with their succinct history sentences, so I created these for each artist. I now have a newfound respect for the time and effort invested in Classical Conversations’ history sentences!

If you want only these sentences, apart from the lesson plans, they will be available in 8.5 x 5.5 mini-poster and flashcard format as well. The mini-poster has a picture of the artist and several pictures of the artist’s work. It prints up beautifully and makes a great visual to use in class each week or hang on your wall at home.

The flashcards are useful because they’re the same size as the Classical Conversations flashcards and, lets face it, flashcards are extremely helpful with memory work!

The flashcards and mini-posters are available for sale together or individually:

Flashcards and Mini-Posters of Baroque – Impressionist Artists

An Artist and Composer Timeline

The next resource is a timeline that shows these artists, the historical ages, the periods of the arts, and some major world events. This is available for purchase individually or is included in the 6 week package. It has our cycle two composers on it as well, so you’ll find it useful during the 4th quarter of fine arts too! Having this visual helps us get a better feel for how art played a role in society and how society influenced art.

Purchase the Cycle 2 Fine Arts Timeline here.

Artists and Composers Baroque – Impressionist Timeline

 Giant Amazing Artists Package

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, all these resources are available in my Amazing Artist package. I know it’s a lot to keep track of, so here’s a little visual to help:


Here’s Some Feedback I’ve Already Received

 “Thank you so much! This is great! I love how you have made the projects doable even for little ones. Keep up the good work and I hope you have a very merry Christmas season! -Beth Wichert”

“Thank you so much! I’m excited to share these plans with my tutors in a few weeks. This will make Christmas break so much easier for all of us! -Elizabeth Myles”

These are SOOOOOO good and helpful! Will you please do these for all the cycles?!?!?!?  -H. Groza”

Buy all six lesson plans in the Amazing Artists Package here

Baroque – Impressionist Artists Package- Cycle 2


UPDATE: Several of you have asked if you can share with your community. The answer it YES!! As a director I get how important that is! I do ask that you print it and keep it within your one community. Thanks!!! Here are the official Terms of Use for my products.

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