Learn about how the science of light creates aerial perspective, one of the Methods of Perspective

Things We Mention

Why is the sky blue?

Because the short blue wavelengths of light get bounced around in the atmosphere while the other, longer wavelengths get through to your eyes!

We use this same fact in art when we make items that are farther away with faded, bluer colors! You can learn more details about how to use this is art in the podcast episode!

Getting color right

Around sunset, the light must travel through a longer distance of atmosphere, so we lose the green wavelengths as well This makes the mountains appear pink and purple. We call this the Alpenglow!! (one of my favorite words!)

Now Let’s Do an Art Project!

We have a great art lesson plan about Aerial Perspective where we draw or paint mountains!

Personal Renaissance

Deanna spoke about some art she loved from her trip to MOMA and the Met in New York

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