The ‘Anyone Can Teach Art’ Book Launch Team

The Book is Available on Amazon!

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First, can I just say a big ‘Thank you?’

Your support and encouragement have kept me going through all the stages of writing, editing, and publishing this book! Now that it’s done, I’m excited to hear what you think of it!

Remember, as a member of our launch team you get these great benefits:

  • A free advanced reader copy (ARC) of the book (you should have already received this via email)
  • An email telling you exactly when you can snag a free Kindle copy of the book from Amazon
  • Access to all the same freebies that will be included in the paid version of the book

Your Part

As part of our launch team, we ask that you:

  • Read at least 2-3 chapters of the book before April 12, 2020.
  • Post an honest review on Amazon, of the portion of the book you read, April 12-18, 2020. (This is the week prior to our official launch day, April 19, 2020.)

Tips on Writing Reviews

Why are Amazon Reviews Important?

  • Amazon uses reviews to determine which books to show first in search results. The higher the number of reviews and number of stars, the closer to the top of the results!
  • Other promotional sites require a minimum number of reviews before the author can use them to promote their book.
  • It will help me so much to have 20 reviews on Amazon by April 18th.

How to Leave a Review

  • AFTER APRIL 12th (after Easter Sunday), Log into your Amazon account.
  • Copy and Paste (or type) “Anyone Can Teach Art by Julie Abels” into the search bar. 
  • Click on my book.
  • Purchase the book now to help me even more, either when it’s $2.99 (roughly, April 12th-17th) or when it’s free (roughly April 18th-21st)
    • Amazon weighs reviews from a ‘verified purchase’ heavier than reviews that are not from a verified purchase. So please ‘purchase’ the Kindle book (NOT using the KindleUnlimited subscription service). Yep, free still counts as a purchase in Amazon’s mind.
  • Click on the stars and then “See all Customer Reviews.”
  • Click on “Write a Customer Review.”
  • Choose a number of stars (5 I hope). 
  • Type in your headline & review.
  • Click “Submit.”

What to Write in a Review

  • Reviews are one of the main ways potential buyers decide if they want to purchase the book, so it’s most helpful to answer 1 or more of the following questions:
    • What did you like best about the book?
    • What did you learn from this book?
    • How will you use the information in this book?
    • How is your life going to be different as a result of this book
    • Who is the book ideally for?
    • Who is this book NOT for?
  • If you don’t have time to read the whole book, leave a review just for the sections you’ve read. For example, you could say, “I was in a hurry so I jumped straight to the section about how to teach art in the dialectic/logic layer. It was explained so clearly. I’m excited to use the list of questions the author provided to discuss art with my middle schooler this week.”

Good to Know About Reviews

  • You must have spent at least $50 on Amazon in the last 12 months in order to leave a review of anything
  • Family members and close friends (like people who have mailed me a gift directly through Amazon) are not allowed to leave me a review on Amazon. However, they MAY leave a review on other sites like GoodReads and that helps me a lot too.
  • It takes 1-3 days for a review you left to show up on Amazon.

Find a Typo?

We’ve been through 5 rounds of editing now, but ‘to err is human.’ So, if you do see a mistake anywhere in the whole manuscript, I hope you’ll let me know!

Please email me ( however is most convenient for you- send a screenshot, explain where the typo is, email me back a pdf with red marks… whatever is easiest for you!!

Other Ways You Can Help

We’d also love it if you are willing to help out in other ways. For example, you could:

  • Purchase the ebook or paperback (tentatively scheduled to publish 1 month after the ebook). Amazon weighs reviews from paying customers heavier than reviews from people who downloaded the book for free.
  • Leave a review for the book on another platform (like Goodreads).
  • Post a picture of the book on social media.
  • Verbally tell friends about the book.

Our Book Launch Schedule

Trying to remember what will happen when? We’ve made changes to our schedule (gotta stay flexible, right?). Here’s the current plan. We’ll update it again if things change!

  • Sunday, April 12th: Stealth Book launch- the book will be available on Amazon, so you can leave a review! The book will be $2.99 during this period. If you’re able to support the book financially, this would be a great time to buy it!
    • You don’t have to read the whole book before you read the book. Just review the part of the book you’ve read by April 12th. My next email will include tips on leaving aa super-helpful Amazon review!
  • Wednesday, April 15th: Free day! Advanced Copy Readers (that’s you) can download the book for free and write a review and still have a few days for the reviews to actually show up on Amazon.
  • Saturday, April 18th-ish: The book will enter a Free promotional period for a few days (the timing is sometimes hard to predict with Amazon).
  • Sunday, April 19: Official book launch- Marketing will begin. Hopefully, we’ll have enough reviews by then to include the book on several book sites that require a minimum number of reviews. 
  • Tuesday, April 21st-ish: The book will go back to $2.99. This is the minimum price (besides free) I can charge for the due to the file size of a book with so many pictures. The price will climb in the coming weeks until it reached $9.99.

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