Make Art Fun Again with Easy, No-Prep Art Lesson Plans.

Most parents feel overwhelmed at the thought of teaching art. With our easy, no-prep art lessons, parents can confidently teach art, giving their kids all the benefits of art and creativity.


Using the Classical Model of Education, your kids will learn all the fundamentals of art, giving them a foundation of knowledge, so they can continue to improve their art skills long after the lesson is done.

Art Appreciation & Creation

Our history-based art lessons teach about different time periods and incorporate famous artists so children learn to appreciate great works of art as they create art.

For All Ages

Our art lessons work for a variety of ages because they include options for scaling the project up and down to fit the skill level and passion of your students. Once your children can hold a pencil, they’re ready for art.

Teaching art can feel overwhelming, but without art in education students lose out on creative problem-solving skills, cultural understanding, and a whole lot of fun.

  • We understand that you want your children to have all the benefits of art and creativity in their education.
  • We also understand that if you’ve never taught art before, it can feel daunting.
  • We’ve researched state and national standards for art education and best practices among art teachers so we know what to teach.
  • We try out all our art lessons with a variety of children to ensure they’ll work well.

How it works:

1. Pick any art lesson package and purchase it.

2. Use the easy scripts and instructions to start teaching art.

3. Experience an enriching art education with your children!

Do you love teaching art? Does it scare you?

Either way, you’re in the right place. Here at Ridge Light Ranch, you’ll find free art projects, ideas, tips, and samples in my blog & podcast. You’ll also find high-quality art lesson plans and art curriculums in my shop –  everything you need to make teaching art fun and easy.

These art lessons work well in a variety of circumstances.

I created this art curriculum to use in my local homeschool community, but it also works great at home with your family, at summer camp, in a traditional classroom or in a homeschool co-op.

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