Remembering Like Grandma Moses- C3W13 Lesson Plan



This lesson plan is designed to teach students about Grandma Moses This lesson works well for the Classical Conversations’ Cycle 3, Week 13 (C3W13) fine arts.

This 7 page lesson plan includes:

  • A condensed background on the artist and Folk Art
  • A carefully crafted sentence about Grandma Moses (ideal for memorization)
  • Vocabulary words and definitions
  • A photo of the artist
  • Links to a representative selection of 7 of Grandma Moses’ pieces of artwork*
  • Materials list
  • Simple art project instructions for recording a memory like Grandma Moses (with marker or paint)
  • Completed art project sample
  • Suggestions for scaling the project to experience levels

*Most of my lesson plans include printable images of the artist’s work within the lesson plan. However, since Grandma Moses’ art work is still under copyright, I can not include them in this product. You can easily follow the links provided where you will find printable images of her art.

This lesson is also available at a discount in the “Amazing American Artists Deluxe Package” which includes 6 lesson plans, plus extras, and is ideal for weeks 13-18 of Fine Arts in a cycle 3 Classical Conversations Foundations community.

(CC Directors: You have permission to purchase this package once for your community and share paper copies with each of your tutors! I’m a CC Director too so I know how important that is. You can read my full Terms of Use here.)

This is a PDF file, so you’ll need a PDF Reader to view and print it. Download a free PDF Reader here:

For more info and some extra photos, check out the blog post “Remembering Like Grandma Moses” (coming soon!).

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