Painting Landscapes Like Gainsborough Lesson Plan



This 9 page lesson plan includes the following:

  • A little background on the artist,
  • 6 Printable pictures of the artists’ work (including a self-portrait),
  • A carefully crafted sentence about the artist that’s ideal for memorization
  • Materials list
  • Simple instructions that any non-artistic teacher can understand and use,
  • Suggestions for scaling the project to different ages,
  • A landscape template with a boy (so the students can focus on drawing the landscape),
  • References to the pertinent Classical Conversations Acts and Facts cards.

I designed this lesson plan for use in our Classical Conversations community (Cycle 2, Week 15 for Fine Arts), but you could easily use it in a variety of situations.

This is a PDF file, so you’ll need a PDF Reader to view and print it. Download a free PDF Reader here:

For more info and some extra photos, check out the blog post Painting Landscapes Like Gainsborough.

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