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With your weekly planner chosen you’re halfway done! Now on to…

Step 3: Pick Your Monthly Planner

Now you’ll want to pick out a monthly view calendar so you can always see the big picture. Your main decision here is if you want a perpetual (undated) monthly calendar or a dated monthly calendar. There are advantages to each:

  • Perpetual Monthly Planner :  A perpetual calendar is one that does not have any of the dates written in the squares. This allows you to use it month after month, year after year. The nice thing about the perpetual calendar is that you never need to buy it again. It can continue to work for perpetuity.
  • Dated: The advantage to the dated calendar is probably obvious: you don’t have to write in the dates and risk writing them wrong. I try to create the dated calendars for each year at least six months in advance, but if you ever find they aren’t available, please ask and I’ll move it up on my to-do list. If you purchase the dated monthly calendar and decide you want to switch over to the perpetual monthly calendar, simply delete the numbers and you’re set!

Pick one of these monthly planners and add it to your cart!

Then we’ll be in the home stretch: time to add on some extras!

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