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It can take a lot of time and mental energy to create a digital file.  I know you don’t want to waste your time reinventing the wheel. So, here at RidgeLightRanch.com I offer you my creations and experiences. Think of it as a short cut to an artful, organized life.

At Ridge Light Ranch I focus on these key areas. Click one of these squares below to narrow my website to what you’re most interested in:


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Illustrating Like Norman Rockwell (C3W14)

Illustrating Like Norman Rockwell (C3W14)

Rockwell's art is fun and often comical. It's full of childhood mischief and American icons. It makes us smile and leaves us longing for the "good ol' days." So, I was surprised when I started reading biographies about Norman Rockwell himself and discovered he was a...


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