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Imagine for a moment that you need to develop your own art curriculum to teach your students how to draw. Does it: A) make you giddy with excitement or B) make your stomach drop with dread? Either way, you’re in the right place. Here at Ridge Light Ranch, you’ll find art projects, ideas, tips, and samples in my blog and high-quality lesson plans in my shop- everything you need to make teaching art fun and easy… even if you’re not giddy with excitement. I created this art curriculum to use in my local homeschool Classical Conversations community, and it works well in a variety of circumstances: at home with your family, at summer camp, in a traditional classroom or in a homeschool community.

In times past, I felt like a complete non-artist and I still remember that feeling. It’s amazing how frequently the ‘non-artist’ feeling would surface, leaving me feeling slightly defective. However, using the classical model, I’m now learning to draw and relishing my art time. Now, I’m passionate about art and I love teaching children and adults how to improve their art skills while integrating many other subjects. I want to equip you to teach these same skills. So browse my blog & shop or search for a keyword and then let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help you be an amazing art teacher.

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Illustrating Like Norman Rockwell (C3W14)

Illustrating Like Norman Rockwell (C3W14)

Rockwell's art is fun and often comical. It's full of childhood mischief and American icons. It makes us smile and leaves us longing for the "good ol' days." So, I was surprised when I started reading biographies about Norman Rockwell himself and discovered he was a...

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