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Art Education at Ridge Light Ranch

Imagine for a moment that need to teach your students how to draw. Does it: A) make you giddy with excitement or B) make your stomach drop with dread? If you answered B, you’re in the right place. Here at RidgeLightRanch.com, you’ll find the ideas, tips, projects, and samples to make teaching art fun and easy… even if you’re not giddy with excitement.

I’m passionate about art and I love teaching others how to improve their art skills. I want so very much to share this feeling with you! I used to feel like a complete non-artist and I still remember that feeling. It’s amazing how frequently the ‘non-artist’ feeling would surface, leaving me feeling slightly defective. However, something shifted when it came time to start teaching some art basics in our homeschool group. The classical model of learning directed me back to the basics and in a year or so, I found I could sketch half-way decent. I began to relish my art time and art quickly become my favorite subject to teach. Here, I’m sharing it all with you!  I’m shortening your learning curve by providing high quality resources and fun projects for you, as well as your students.


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